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Reverie World Studios Forums - View Single Post - It seems like from what im reading, the orcs are a little Underpowered.
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Old 12-05-2010, 11:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Avatarn11 View Post
I'm sure all races have the advantages and disadvantages no one is going to make an imbalanced game because people won't play those races if it isn't balanced. It all depends on your play style people like using starcraft as view point the zerg are great if you can micromanage them properly. But you get a built up protoss or terran force will chew through zerg like no other. so its all checks and balances in any strategy game. Open field the orcs might be unstoppable and run over elves and humans. get some terrian advantage to the elves or humans they could take out the orcs ect ect.. Just have to wait and see who you like more.
Thats exactly right.

I think most people also are just thinking about sieging or defending a siege. There will be many battles in the a open field that will give massive advantages to those that are the victor. Lets say a Horde of orcs are marching upon an Elven Fortress. And the Elves wish to meet the orcs in open field.

The orcs might obliterate the army and march forward to a very defenseless fortress making the attacker have ease in a siege. There are many things to look into but overall the Beta will determine just how underpowered the orcs are, the devs play them a lot also, so they have a general idea of whats going on.

I really wouldn't worry to be honest.