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Originally Posted by Gwydion View Post
So I understand how humans work- great tech, economy, and legions of people in armor.

Elves are great archers and spellcasters.

Now the orcs i have read about they are supposed to have nasty (really strong) troops, a weak economy, and crappy castles.

Recently ive been seeing a few poeple post that the orcs really don't have a unit that is stronger than the other races besides like the ogre i think its called.

If the orcs castles and economy is crap which is a HUDGE setback especially with the economy part, there rank and file orc should at least be a little stronger than his mirror unit for the humans and the same except the archers for elves
As silly as this might sound, think of the orcs as the Zerg from Starcraft. In the essence of being deadly in large numbers.

The key with orcs it seems is just tactically using them, rather then throwing endless numbers offensively, strategy will really come into play. I think that if Orc players are very tactical and micro well that they will be pretty hard to stop.