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Reverie World Studios Forums - View Single Post - It seems like from what im reading, the orcs are a little Underpowered.
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Old 12-05-2010, 05:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Alex Walz View Post
Their ranged units aren't quite up to par, but they're meant to be a great offensive horde, not an organized defense.

Economy... early game, it's great. They're nomads and hunters. And when they run out of wild deer, they can build a warg farm which will automatically train free wargs that the orcs can raise as livestock. They may pick up trading later in the game but overall, they have a pretty balanced economy.

First there you say their ranged units arent as good as the rest, but the info i read about the forest orcs is that they have good archers. Does this mean those orcs actually have good archers or just "good for orcs"?
Its hard to interpret when they have a bonus to something they are really bad at from the start

And about their economy, some people theorize they will be dedicated rushers and if men/elves survive the start of a game they will stomp the orc with their greater economy later. Can you please confirm this is not the case?