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Old 12-05-2010, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by efz88 View Post
Im hoping for blanket guild alliances like in eve.
Thats what i hope to, although i am not sure it will work with this game.

If there is one grant Alliance in this game ( say how BoB and Goon was in Eve.. if you played it they where BIG :P ) they could just easly team up and farm other kingdoms right?

I think since this is going to be a RTS game there should be a decent ballance between the powers.
So people that arnt in a alliance also have a chance and arnt just used to farm resources for time after time.

This being said i am not sure how teamwork will play out in this game, so if i seem misguided sorry :P

LiTos456 not sure if your reading this, but you should update your signature i think :O isnt beta 4 going to be released soon(tm)
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