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Old 11-26-2007, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by The Witch King of Angmar View Post
He would be dead once he was within 30 feet of them.
...Which reminds me of a question I had. Will there be "wall bearers"? If so, will you be able to tell a group of units to form up with these defenders so they don't get totally pwned by archers? And if they will be in and you can form them up, I hope they go to the side that's being harassed the most, default being the side of the direction of movement.

Also for orcs, are there "creepy crawlies"? Just wondering because that's what Sparrow will probably use, if they crawl quickly, to mass the crap out of archers. If there are creepy crawlies(are they the goblins?), will they be able to climb up cliffs? Perfect for getting at archers that wanted a safe and high spot. No freebies today! Not to mention they won't be able to see the goblins while they're coming up the cliff? Or you'd have arrows going through rock and that's literally getting old.