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Old 12-03-2010, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Feweh View Post
Just a question.

Are ladders a one at a time type thing.

Meaning if anyone played Stronghold you could basicly rush 50 units up one ladder in two seconds.

This isnt possible right?
You can have may ladders on a wall. And you generally get about 4 units on a ladder at once, they go up in single file... This means that the defenders have a numeric advantage against ladders, towers hold more of course so its easier to break through a defense...
Siege towers must be destroyed by units, melee are most effective once latched on (or cavalry, but to get cavalry outside your walls... risky...). Ladders however are far weaker, much easier to destroy, and Im assuming can be pushed off by melee units. However ladders are FAR cheaper than siege towers.

While in other games, ranged siege weaponry is the only really viable way, in
DoF each way is perfectly plausible. But why choose one? Why not send a ram to the gates and a couple of towers to the walls? The defensive fire must be spread, meaning an increased chance of your siege equipment surviving long enough to make a difference. Send up the orcs to charge down the puny elves on their wall, make mincemeat out of them while the ram takes down the gate and storm the rest of your army in! Some nice slaughter
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