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Originally Posted by Feweh View Post
I always hate games that have a Morale system or Fear system.

For example it became ridiculous in some Total War games when one of my Unit Troops would suddenly start fleeing because they lost a few guys.

Even if mages or what not could cast Fear and force units to flee or run it's really ridiculous and ruins game play even. As someone said... i'm their commander not their adviser.
I loved the morale system in total war and any other game that uses it. Like Aothane said if its not done right its going to cause problems.

For the last comment you said, Generals/commanders had/have to deal with morale all the time. If you read history general/commanders did things to keep morale high and only a foolish one didn't pay attention to the mental state their men were at. Not all armies are like WW2 soviet russia, who killed their men if they retreated.
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