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depends on the implementation, a fear/morale system can certainly add depth and dimension to battlefield tactics. In Warhamer: Mark of Chaos the basic idea was that horde type units would typically have larger squads with less resolve. They made excellent diversions which could 'lead' the charge for stronger frontline units, or otherwise stealth/surge in from the sides to pincer, disrupt (e.g. archers, siege machines etc) or isolate specialised squadrons from their support.

it is a very neat aspect to wargaming in general, of course so much can go wrong if the morale system is not properly calibrated. For example where half the army can be made to flee because of an overpowered leader ability, spell, a specially acquired item or such..

likewise with the original Dawn of War in which units would lose accuracy and thus their average damage output as the squad's morale was reduced over the course of battle.

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