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Old 11-28-2010, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Vigilus View Post
So i've played a few games that allowed players to use melee units, say swordsmen, to just hack down the walls without the help of siege units. I'm referring to the stronghold series here, and it really kills the feeling of having strong walls when a dude with a sword runs up and starts hacking madly at the stone. I mean come on!

I hope that this won't be implemented into the game.
It is not, Reverie realised that while that would be the easy thing to do, it makes no logical sense. In order to assault a stronghold you have to have a siege unit, or oversized one if i remember rightly (ogres/dragons).

It was annoying when you have your walls, but then they are ripped down by a mob of peasants wielding pitchforks... Not quite the image you want for your unconquerable city...

Originally Posted by Toth View Post
I agree, it breaks immersion completely and is a major source of frustration for ALOT of players I can imagine. However, in return there should be plenty of siege weapons, including wooden stairs, throughout the entire game. So you'll have to be able to build siege weapons almost from the start. Otherwise the game would be extremely dull.
Siege weapons will be important, however you can buy them at mercenary camps or create your own. Also some quests may provide some as a reward, especially early on with the starter quests. The games economy revolves greatly around quests and resources, specifically gold. Gold is the standard resource, all the others are more specific, gold is currency, trade will be important in the game. Gold can buy you a number of units at mercenary camps, and prepare you for more questing or a siege, to gain you more resources!!!
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