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Old 11-17-2007, 01:01 PM
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The only people who ran into trouble with the map size limit in WC3 fell into one of these groups:

a) tried to import a music file that's twice as big as the map file should be
b) importing un-optimized models which take up like ten times as much memory as they should (complain to the modeler who made it)
c) importing such a massive amount of content that they've basically created their own game.

Now, I've seen World War 3 maps that implement entire armies of modern day units. Trust me, if they picked their models right there was no problem with the map size limit. The people who complained were those making anime fanboy maps, where they were so set on importing a particular model (let's say Goku) which was taking up way too much room. Then they went insane because they couldn't include four different versions of Goku without going over the map limit. Sorry guys, but if you really want to include an un-optimized or overly-elaborate model, you should expect that you won't have much room for something else.

The map limit was there for the benefit of everyone. It kept download times in line, and it also encouraged people to think about the resources that their map was using and try to think about how to improve that. I never ran into the map size limit. Now, I never created a futuristic setting or an anime fanboy map, but plenty of people succeeded in doing that within the limitations provided.
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