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Old 11-19-2010, 05:48 PM
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I am all for the DLC, as long as it is good and it makes my troops looking even more badass I would be for it.

Here is a great idea devs....

Have it so units can have different armor sets... lets say they are the same unit, but I want to set this unit up in shining armor (representing my royal guard) yet they are the same as armsmen, just look unique. IE I am sure you allready have the concept of ... "ok we got these units and we can re-skin them this way and that.." But why not give stacks of units (unit groups) within a player army unique ID numbers then you can referance that unique ID to their skin choice.

Only issue I could see here is graphic intensity of all units on the field, obviously the more the differances the more that has to load. Eh you know how your engine works, but alas I see this as a VERY cool feature.

Now don't get greedy and make me pay for each group for the skin, I should be able to buy the skin and "add" to which ever units I want within that make.

Eh just a thought.

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