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Old 11-15-2010, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Vasito View Post
And if you have much money be able to make more detailed armor with little gold with red capes and shining shield wich gives bonus that scares the enemy.(IT WILL BE BEYOND AWESOME) So your army looks profesional like a roman legion and you get updates of formations wich are ALSO carried faster with making you army with golden things etc. capes.

So a regular soldier to look like

But after updates like capes gold armor things ornaments9wich dont give direct stats only bonuses becaus it wil be OP and ONLY if u have many money)

to look like OR!
We have discussed such things in another conversation, we discussed the possibility they may sell skins as micro-transactions, so you either have to play the game a hell of a lot or buy the points to customise your units with certain themes.
And no, these should NOT give stat bonuses at all, they should be simply aesthetic so they do not disrupt the balance of the game, just the overall fun.
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