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Old 11-13-2010, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Vasito View Post
Thank you developers!!!!! But make sure for a GRAND marketing campaing because thats what atracts gamers these days (sad face )

And dont make the elves all with hoods and things like that. I love how u made them buildings be trees!!!!! Also make sure it doesnt have many bugs and the servers are stable! Remember the bad reputation of Stalker?

OMG I cant sleep!!!! Will teh economy be something like Stronghold? Waters for the mills etc.? Im sooooo afraid for the game ((( You must succeed!!! The Force is strong with you!!! Imagen Im being attacked by orcs and I call my friend and he comes with cavarly like LOTR 3? So cool
Yes the marketing should be large to attract gamers, but however for a niche like the RTS it is less important and less efficient than it is for the FPS market and such...

The character art has all been completed, go check out the media section. There will be a fantasy friday showcase of all the elven units there. (Same with the other 2 races)
The beta testers are working hard to find as many bugs and glitches in the game as possible, the developers are working hard to fix all reported bugs.

Economy does not work like stronghold, it works more traditionally like that of AoE for example, if you want more information of how the different races get their different resources then check out the media section, there is a fantasy friday on the topic.

Also, we cannot be sure if your image will be carried out unfortunately. For balancing issues, reinforcements may not be allowed. Imagine you attack person X, you are about to win the battle but he is joined by his guildmates Z, Y and W... You prefer to play solo, you have no friends to call upon, you get annhialated.
Theres also gameplay issues with what you suggest, it would mean a new player joining a game mid-game. The battles are set up between the people in the game, not held on a server. This means that the server can be used for everything else, and not supporting 1000 battles at one time, that would be impossible. If you joined this game, you would have to establish connections to both players, interrupting the game for the duration of connecting, no-one likes their games interrupted.
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