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Old 11-13-2010, 12:12 PM
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Default This Is The Best Game Evaah!!!

OMG!!! Ive waited soooo long time for a game like that!!!!!!!!


Ive growned up with AoE 2 and the battles and building fortress and walls and sieges!!!!!!!!! I LOVE big battles and epic battlefieldS like LOTR or StarWars!!! Ive waited soo long for game like this with economy and pvp! I loved BFME were u could siege enemy castles with SOLDIERS ON TEH LAWS!!! Its so uber fuuckin 1337 shiet!!!

THANK YOU for making a game like that. Oh **** im so worried for the game and its future. This will be the best game for 2011 (although The Witcher 2 and SC2 exp or BF 3 and ofcourse DuKe Nukem forever (lol but its real) will be good too)

Do you know that this game allows epic sieges and settlers like building tree and orcs and humans and elfs and magic and fantasy!!!?? Its epic!!!!!1111one?!!1eleven?!!!

Thank you developers!!!!! But make sure for a GRAND marketing campaing because thats what atracts gamers these days (sad face )

And dont make the elves all with hoods and things like that. I love how u made them buildings be trees!!!!! Also make sure it doesnt have many bugs and the servers are stable! Remember the bad reputation of Stalker?

OMG I cant sleep!!!! Will teh economy be something like Stronghold? Waters for the mills etc.? Im sooooo afraid for the game ((( You must succeed!!! The Force is strong with you!!! Imagen Im being attacked by orcs and I call my friend and he comes with cavarly like LOTR 3? So cool

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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