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Old 11-08-2010, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by SilverLeaf View Post
the way I see it, they must have a really few, hand picked testing team right now. We've been around like forever, and have yet to get an invite. These people must have signed up since like... 2005?
Just because someone has followed for years, doesnt mean they got in. Those who won competitions or are highly thought of in the forums got in first. Mostly it is due to who they think will contribute positively and not just joyride the experience, playing the game free and not giving feedback (Many do).
Also, beta has been going quite a while, there are probably a number of testers, although my guess is that while there have been a number of testers, many would have grown bored or moved on a bit and so the testing is probably as you said, few but determined.
However, from what I know of the forums, there are some good guys here and testing will be done well.
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