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Old 11-07-2010, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by SilverLeaf View Post
So... lemme get this straight. The publisher is not reverie. 2 completely separate entities. IE Reverie sold out? Or are they still the devs and are they even still checking this forums?

So chances of a 2010 release is growing slim, but will the next wave be open beta? I seriously want to get a hands on before release, as my previous nation managing MMORTS is kinda stagnant and I'm hoping for a more popular, less niche game to run a guild in.
They said a while back early 2011 release is most likely. I assume all betas will be started by 2011 though.

Also, yeah you hve publisher and developer seriously mixed.
As developers go, Reverie are GREAT, they know what their doing, they are enthusiastic and I have always had the impression they are great guys, they always seem to make time to keep us up to date and have informal chats on occasion, unlike most developers out there.
But they cant work for free for so long now can they? And neither can they fund the release of the game and its publicity, that is why a publisher is needed, they pay the finances and reap most of the rewards.
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