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As the Vak'ti readied for war in the dark pits of Dera'Mur, the Kormin inhabiting the lighted ground far above obliviously prattled and debated human suffering (ironically, the worst example of the subject was caused by the very philosphers arrogantly strutting above it). They whiled their days away through vane luxuries and enjoyed the pristine natural beauty of the land they inhabited. Of course, they were not satisfied with this, being the avaricious beings that they were. No, they ever complained about their blissful life, the indolent boredom of having no needs and nothing to do. Surely, the eminent Vak'ti invasion would serve as a useful awakening agent from their torturous repose.
However, not all of the Kormin were as oblivious as thought by the warped Vak'ti - in fact, one, named Vulen, was much different from the rest, possessing their eyes and yet the inquisitive, calculating mind of a Vak'ti to appreciate their power and usefulness. He remembered the injustice of the Vak'ti's imprisonment and saw the harbingers of their resurfacing - small cracks in perfectly aligned desert ground, small quakes that couldn't shift a plate, and an ominous dark cloud cover that threatened lighting, thunder, and torrents of acidic rain...
The same paradox between race and person was evident in one the elite drilling mage and technician squads, the Vy'krul, in the Vak'ti - her name was D'Kamora. But do not let this set-up mislead your mind that this was a classic love story - oh no, for indeed these two were vehemently opposed, but paradoxically in the ways contrary to their races. D'Kamora was much more artistically minded than the other Vak'ti, resulting from an unusual access to the world above through a pinprick sized hole in her bedroom. So the "Kormin" D'Kamora and the "Vak'ti" Vulen were opposed in thought in ways contrary to their nature. However, they indeed were in love, as will be seen by generations after them, as the only example of peace and understanding between the incredibly hostile two races......
What came next could not have been predicted by any...

Please feel free to continue the story - BUT DO NOT REPEAT THE STORY OF ROMEO AND JULIET - I cannot stress this enough, people. Have fun with it though
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