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Old 10-03-2010, 05:36 PM
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If i understood right... i will be a criminal since i use web image as a background comp picture? o.O

For normal game piracy.... As i see nowdays the biggest impact on games have mods and multiplayer (to make you play more than 1 week, ofc there are exceptions).
So why doesnt devs give free singleplayer and if you bought game you can play also online and mods (which are downloaded and added to the game via online launcher - aka sims 3) -> no more of game piracy (since as my knowledge goes pirated games cant play online) and no more strange and annoying pirating preventing techniques (which all in the end fail and are more to annoy the legal buyers).
In my opinion it is the game devs that dont want to accommodate to the real world situation. With copying for yourself is nothing wrong.
I see only problem with music and partly cinema movies (both for the composer and buyers), but the acta is not the answer for that. It is just like trying to chop a big tree with a feather and someone (not a "composer" nor "buyer") gets payed per hour for doing that.

Edit: And as Darvin said there is quite a lot of ppl who would never buy a game but use pirated version - makes no impact on company (they just blame them for their sucky game). And in my moral there is nothing wrong if you try pirated version before you buy, since sometimes the info you get is not realistic (again companies blaming them for not buying game if they make it sucky). I think there are only few ppl who used pirated version of game and after ACTA would actually buy it.

Just me thinking =).

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