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Old 10-02-2010, 11:19 PM
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The people I know who pirate their games tend to have one thing in common: they'd never purchase the game, even if some magic DRM existed that actually stopped them. Frankly, it's stupid marketing; who the hell spends millions of dollars developing systems to try to market their games to a demographic whose defining feature is that they don't like paying for things!?

Unfortunately, there's still a group of old farts out there trying to turn the clock back to 1990 and put the internet back in a box. ACTA is the latest bad idea that's come from their general direction. This could cause serious collateral damage to the free speech, free expression, and innovation that has blossomed on the internet. Everything that has been built on this new and exciting platform is at stake.

My greatest disappointment is that it's impossible to have a serious discussion about copyright law. I'm always happy when I find like minds who can see past the rhetoric and understand that copyright is about encouraging creativity and innovation, but unfortunately we are not in any position to shape public debate on the matter. It may take something as onerous as ACTA to get grassroots awareness of the issue.

For those of you looking for regular, balanced coverage of copyright issues in Canada, I recommend Michael Geist. Hard facts and balanced analysis on the issues, not sensationalism. If only more blogs (and politicians, for that matter) were like that...

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