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Old 10-02-2010, 07:28 PM
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This ass backwards trend of making the legitimate copy worth less by limiting number of installs, requiring online registration for an offline game, cloud DRM for an offline game, content designed to hurt the right of second sale, these are all things that make a pirated copy worth more than a retail copy. That is not helping developers. There's only one method that will ever stop piracy in it's current form, sending a stream of the game to the monitor and your key strokes/mouse etc are all sent to the computer actually running the game in another physical location. However due to the inherent delay and already established traditional market this sort of service for gaming is extremely unlikely to ever take over the market, and as long as traditional copies are available piracy cannot be defeated. Even if it ever does, it will not happen in my lifetime.

All industries that fear piracy need to adapt, not seek to control the internet and alienate users privacy.

As for this whole nonsense, it reminds of the ridiculous notion that every illegal download is lost revenue. Protecting intellectual properties should be limited to preventing others from profiting off of them, such as another company stealing and using it. Nothing should ever restrict the freedom of the internet, especially not for the sake of a corporations bottom line, this is even worse than traffic shaping.
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