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Old 09-30-2010, 04:15 PM
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Default A few ideas.....

First of all, I recently joined the forums, read about this game on some gaming website which I can't remember right now, and it got me hooked up.
A few thing I've noticed (although I haven't read the whole suggestions....yet) is that apparently there is no concern for some sort of raw metal resource, I mean, gold food stone and wood is okay, but unless all weapons are made of gold and stone, or conjured by magical means, there should be some kind of mining system. Another thing that came up is, that I've seen no mention of a profession system kind of like in Hinterland, if your units can levelup and they're all kind of unique, shouldn't they give something in return to society? During war, everyone joins in battle, but outside of it? Archers should be hunters, or trackers, there should be armorsmiths, blacksmiths, and etc etc
I know it would add a big layer of micromanagement, but it would also add a layer of depth rarely seen in rts games. Maybe I'm just asking for something that's not plausible , but maybe someone out there agrees with me.
Another thing that I think could help, would be a military academy, let's say you have veteran units, and you have rookies. The vets know a thing or two, so they should be able to teach the new units, and that way they could acquire new skills and such.
Suggestions? I'm open for them
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