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Originally Posted by Winterwolf00 View Post
I'm a little new at the forum but I really don't see how you can make an entire faction out of minotaurs. Maybe if you changed the name to Beast-men or something then you can add more then just minotaurs. Centaurs, Satyrs, Harpies, Griffins, Werewolves. Make it more diverse. Also im hearing talk about dragon kin in the dragon faction and while i think its a good idea. There still overpowered, even the kin are stronger then humans and you'll are talking about them being able to breath fire to!? The Dragon faction needs a weakness. Otherwise it WILL be unbalanced.
When you reinvent a race, you can always choose the way they act, in the example I posted above:
Elf-Dragon Blood : Smart, Agile, but weak, not a pure blood so he doesn't have an affinity with nature and is despised by the dragon society for being weak
Human - Dragon Blood : Strong but rushes into everything : A barbarian of sorts, so he is meat fodder and isn't very resistant to charms..... I could go on but you get the point, Pure-Blooded dragons are rare and do not ally themselves with the "lesser beings" easily, your faction or whatever, should prove themselves in order to gain their support
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