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Old 09-20-2010, 11:52 AM
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I have to say it is looking just amazing and having some high rez picks finally shows the greatness this game will become, you guys got a sleeper hit here, as again an rts / x4 player I haven't seen anything come close.

There is one thing thou, I noticed, being a bit nit picky I guess but your still in closed beta, I noticed this on a few screens prior when I first seen this game and it still bothers me just something I noticed that remains to be noticed for whatever reason my brain picks it out each time. Everything in most every screen shot fits, except items with wheel. rams etc... what bothers me is the textures don't seem to be there, that or there is no grain the cut wood effect? IE wood that was cut into something, it could be the lighting reflecting off a brighter object (IE higher bloom) but that is something that has been sticking in my head everytime I see a screen shot with such graphic in it. Eh my two cents, figured I would throw that out there being I want this game to be the best! no offense ment.

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