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Old 09-19-2010, 06:27 PM
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Reach was Halo 1 mixed with Halo 3, and 2 side orders which contained Halo 2 & ODST. I overall think it is amazing, I love playing some of the Halo 1 maps in 16 player multiplayer, and the new maps are interesting, the multiplayer aspect I think is good.. I was a big COD4: MW fan.. (Not so much #2), and I think this game almost rivals it in how addicting its online is.. also when you go online and there is around 1,000,000 playing.. you know you'll have someone to play with (even though they could be a annoying 12 yr old boy/girl with parent issues)

The campaign.. I liked, a lot of people say they disliked it because it was short and sort of bland.. (critics). The game gets hated on quite a bit for some reason.. I only have 2 gripes.. and that is the ending of Halo 2 (I mean.. come on! I have to buy a 360 to see the ending of Master Chiefs adventures?!).. and ODST.. overall (not including Halo Wars) the rest of the series is amazing..

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