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Old 09-19-2010, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by teejai View Post
Well I started something I know alittle about but you guys seem to know a lot about so its interesting hearing (reading) all this. In regards to APB, it seems that they were just bound to fail.. while the game was ambitious it lacked any story or depth besides the customization and 'go kill someone' routine. Also many bugs and hacking issues plagued it from before it even started.. I think APB will R.I.P. but something will come along and rebuild upon what it did and just do it better..

As for Planetside.. I don't like that game so it doesn' count hahaha
Josh knows more then me. I've never played APB myself. That's all I hear is mostly negative things about it. But Epic games is one of the potential buyers. If a more successful game company buys it, that could be good news for the game.

Ok I don't want to keep this thread from the halo people, so I wont post anymore in here.

Sorry halo people.
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