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Old 09-19-2010, 03:28 AM
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Ubisoft's revenue for q1 2010 were from what I can see was 200~ mil with activision depending on non GAAP and GAAP respectively, 1.3 bil or 700~ mil. EA for comparison was at 650~ mil GAAP and 800~ mil non GAAP. I can't find if that 200 for ubisoft was GAAP or not.

Ubisoft is a great company, and they're definitely not small, but they're at best a third of EA and Activision.

If you consider zombification by SoE alive then yes, APB might live, lol. I mean anything's possible, but I wouldn't expect too much. I didn't care for APB at all, I didn't like it or the GTA games for that matter. But their project was ambitious and an impressive scale, it's sad to see the game ultimately fail now. What they were trying to accomplish was a lofty goal, even with their budget.
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