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Old 09-18-2010, 07:14 PM
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Ahh I see, I got my facts mixed up. The merger thing had me slightly confused as it seemed like it was more of a Blizzard Parent company 'grabbing' Activision (which I thought was close to going bankrupt at one time).

As for the Halo MMO, I don't think it will be to successful, or atleast not as 'big' as people would hope. Shooter MMO's don't seem to be doing that well (with perhaps Global Agenda being an acception). I had tested/played APB and while it had some promise on release time it was still only in a 'beta phase' and well.. they folded the project so its no longer around anymore. Aspects of it were amazing, while the bugs and some other issues killed it.. even EA said it was doomed lol..

Well off to play some more Reach
"With time you shall learn that I was right.."
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