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Old 09-17-2010, 06:32 PM
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Originally Posted by u_have_krabs View Post
Well, Activision merged with a company called Vivendi games (who owned Blizzard). When they merged they called it Activision-Blizzard. But I believe that Vivendi games parent company(Vivendi) owns them and allows them to operate to an extant, as their own companies( which you will be surprised how many companies do this).
I mentioned autonomy. And I assure you Activision will retain the final say in whatever they want, however they may have learned their lesson about deciding things for their developers by now and let Blizzard work on their own for the most part. However when you look at things like the Facebook integration in SC2 before chat channels you have to start seriously questioning if that was a developer or publisher decision. I can't picture the developers being that detached from their fans.

More on topic, a Halo MMO while possible, I'd have no interest in it. Blizzard has never done an FPS and halo as anything but an FPS would look and feel like an abomination. Case in point; Halo Wars.
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