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Old 09-09-2010, 10:02 AM
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Alex Walz has extremely good reputationAlex Walz has extremely good reputationAlex Walz has extremely good reputationAlex Walz has extremely good reputation

Thanks for the kind words!

And I apologize for the low-res screenshots, that's my fault. When I took the job, I was under the impression that Kon would still be taking all the screenshots. But those days are behind us now as I got a new computer and am retaking all our old press screenshots, which you guys will see most of this Friday! All of our current screenshots are outdated too as we're enhancing the graphics every week. But Friday's should be 'final' as far as the GUI goes - still doing some texture variants and new hero models and textures and some small work here and there.

But yes, we have had some struggles with getting the attention of the press but I'm confident our publisher (who, I might add, seems as excited as Reverie) will do a great job.
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