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Originally Posted by chrispytoes View Post
hello I realy want to join the beta I have lost of expirience with moo and rts games

rts games I own: supreme commander2, empire total war, rome total war, warhammer 40k + winter assult and dawn of war expansions, supreme commander + fa expansion, star wars empire at war + forces of coruption expantion + defence grid-the awakeng, starcraft 2, DEFCON-everybody dies.

mmo games I own: World of Warcraft + burning crusade expansion, Pirate Galaxy, Karos online, Runes of Magic, Combat Arms.

and I still have way more for xbox 360...

so you can see that I would be a great choice for the beta and I promis I will report any and all bugs I find and iv also been in lost of betas too including

R.U.S.E, Global Agenda, APB, Halo Reach.

and trust me I am not lying about any of this trust me you can come over to my house and look at my computer yourself so it would be stupid not to let me into the beta

Thank you
Nice. I have never seen this for joining a beta. I think you might make it into the open betas as the 3rd is probably filled. But good luck.
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