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Originally Posted by GPS51 View Post
Here's an idea. How about running a contest and open it up to 1 or 2 man teams for new small NPC towns where there must be a excellent story lines and excellent drawings/modelings of the town. That way all you guys would have to do is implement it. It might work better to run it once the game is released and the editor is firing on all cylinders for the community.
While this is a great idea, I would be just as cautious as Alex for the same reasons he posted and 1 other thing. Currently there is a 2 man team doing these that are just having too much fun to give it up.

I know that Alex is too modest to give you guys the info, so I'm gonna sqeal on him a little. Alex created the concepts for Westerdale, Durian Foss and Galehock. I had an absolute blast bringing his concepts to playable maps!!!!

He is also responsible for the back story concepts for these towns and the best part is that I am currently working on creating maps for several of his Elf concepts and I have to say, that you guys are gonna be blown away with them!!
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