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Originally Posted by SoCalDistortion View Post
To each his own.

Would be a nice to have a choice... hardcore vs carebear mode. Players could play both modes at the same time on different servers.

Just as you say that most people would not want to play what I mentioned, I could see people getting bored of a game that does not allow full take-over or destruction. Heck...Look at Tribal Wars. It is pretty hardcore for what it is and has a VERY large following.

Reverie- Please take a look at developing a hardcore mode for one of your servers. For me, it would make what looks to be a good game much more epic!
There are better ways to provide high risk high reward than fragmenting our player base and taking the time to rework the entire game around permanent death, without that redesign permanent death would break the rest of the game the way it is designed. It would also make any and all DLC/microtransactions far far less valuable, why spend extra money if you can die and lose it all. From a business standpoint it's a very bad idea unless we have significantly more players come to the game than we expect because the effort and money invested would not be proportional to the interest. And from a player standpoint - there wouldn't be enough interest in this mode for it to reach a critical mass of players required to keep it alive.

As I mentioned in your other thread on the subject, there are other, better ways to add high Risk high Reward elements than permanent death. I strongly suggest you think about and suggest some realistic additions if you want that high risk/reward gameplay, permanent death just isn't feasible.

A guild controlled objective, that when owned makes your members/the objective open to attack from any guild. Attacking guilds would be able to capture the objective, be it a special city, a mine, a port whatever. Or a war method, lets say War declarations cost a flat one time sum and an additional daily, weekly or monthly upkeep and it allows you to attack whoever you want in the opposing guild as well as destroy buildings/take more resources etc. There's plenty of things to add to make it attractive for a hardcore crowd without totally alienating regular players, and using a gimmick that causes the playerbase to rapidly kill itself off.

And just for the record, I've played SB, Ladder D2, Darkfall and even some oldschool perma death MUDs plus many others. I know hardcore, and I love it, the game can have plenty of things a player like me would want without such a gimmick.
Remember to read the FAQ before asking questions!

And if you don't find the answer - ask them in that same thread, we'll answer what we can.

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