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Old 08-01-2010, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Alex Walz View Post
Heh, congrats on having the first 1,000 posts bold user rank, nickson! I just noticed that, didn't you just to be an elite member?

But yeah, I didn't think Stronghold: Kingdoms looked that good either. But I got talking with one of their official forum moderators who has been helping organize the alpha and he seemed pretty impressed with the game. I think it could be fun for a couple games but I'm not sure what Firefly was thinking since it probably won't bring in much revenue as a freeware title and doesn't seem to be advertised much - I could hardly find any official info on the game. Firefly is an amazing studio and I'm really disappointed that they're making, essentially, a browser game, instead of an epic real MMORTS title. I was looking at some other upcoming MMORTS games like End of Nations earlier today, and it's really sad that they all pour so much money into beautiful cgi but the gameplay itself looks dreadful. I think with Dawn of Fantasy, on the other hand, we are delivering an exciting gameplay experience but we obviously don't have a couple million laying around for cgi cut scenes. With Firefly's experience as a pioneer in the RTS genre and subsequent wealth, they could have been the first studio to deliver both thrilling gameplay and stunning visuals.
Thanks Alex I had the title before I decided to display it I didnt realise the new rank straight away, then I did and wondered why until I saw the thread about them
And yes, I still am an elite member, however I prefer the title 'HordeMaster' dont you? The orcs have my full support

Alex, that was an interesting post And I agree, they really look to be making a browser game, at best I think it may match Travian and such games... And I avoid such games.
However, imagine if Reverie DID have the millions for all the cgi cutscenes... We all know just how great cutscenes are these days, my favourite RTS scene is the startup for Warhammer40k: Dawn of War.... I just love it
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