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Old 07-31-2010, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by SoCalDistortion View Post
Am I the only one here that would like to see complete and total destruction as a feature?- Once you are wiped out and have no survivors that can effectively found a new city, you are done.

I would urge Reverie at some point make a hard-core last man standing mode. Once one faction or kingdom reins supreme, the game ends and that particular server starts anew.

For players who don't log in for 10 days, perhaps their city breaks out into revolt. If the revolt is not squashed, the city becomes a NPC controlled kingdom that can be attacked by other real players.

I have a lot of thoughts on this but I think readers of the forum get the gist.
Pretty much. What are talking about would require a lot of balancing and potential 'bullying' on servers that would turn away a lot of players. What you are suggesting is for the really hardcore market.

The second suggetion of a different mode that players who want to do that, could (this could work). But most people wont want to play what you mentioned as they would get tired of restarting there kingdom.

What you are suggesting for normal play is like playing any game and you are 20 hrs in then you get killed and you have to start the whole entire game over.
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