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Old 07-30-2010, 11:36 PM
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I have 5 cats + 8 cats on the property that i dont know of since they belong to a crazy childish old lady that always lies etc and smells etc >.> also: 20-25 horses, 4 of which belong to my family, the rest to the crazy lady. She barely takes care of them and its literally inches away from animal abuse. 2 + 2 dogs. 2 barn owls (yes, she is an animal hoarder. They were doing fine but she got them down and put them in a cage.) 10 or so ducks, 20 or so chickens. A blue-belly lizard in a plastic aquarium and.. who can leave this out: A pelican.

All of these animals except for 5 cats and 2 dogs are barely taken care of. Anyways, enough for the animals on the property. Lets talk about the ones that are doing well.
4 cats are lazy fat ******ed things that lay down in the middle of the road to get some sun. there used to be 6 but 2 got ran over. The mother of these 6 cats on the otherhand is extremely smart, aggressive (I got a 3 inch gash along my arm from her once playing.) and she is the only one let outside. She also brings home rabbits (some bigger than her.) and other rodents such as mice, squirrels, rats and golfers. Occasionally she may have a bird or two. All of these are brung to the front porch where she leaves them in a red spot roughly 2 feet in diameter where she leaves them as 'gifts' for my family.. right in front of our door. There is always something there every day. When i was younger. (shes about 8 yrs old and still healthy) One day I was asked for show-and-tell. This story got me suspended for some reason. (God i hate the educational system, they are all boneless douchebags.) And my family has racked up an amazing 15000 dollars in total vet bills over the past 7 yrs. The dogs: I only care about one of them moderately. The other always ****s in my room after I let it out for 15 minutes to do its busniess. ('The other' is a pomeranian-chuahua mix) It also randomly attacks the feet of people and has been stepped on many times. The dog i care about is an australian-shephard/border-colly mix. The only thing i dislike about him is that he barks way too much (and often in your ear in the mornings/afternoons.) and thus has been the subject of hundreds of headaches.


NOTE: Some of this may be highly exaggerated.
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