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Old 07-30-2010, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Aothane View Post
sadly nothing, games have become exceedingly meaningless. Whether it is the simplifcation of games for mass production or simply lack of improvement in the better part of ten years I'm just not sure.

I remember playing the first X-Com game thinking to myself 'wow if games are as interesting and playable as this now, imagine what they will be like in ten years...'

which is actually what is taking place with Starcraft 2
I personally don't totally agree with you, but just like any industry the game industry wants to make money, so they are going to sell games that they know will sell. Today's gamer(which I hate, nothing but a bunch of whiny, I have to complain about something or I'm not happy, *******s) is what basically has morphed the game industry into what it is.

Because the causal market is basically 80% of the game market, games are being streamlined for them. That is one reason why the PC has gone downhill. The PC gamer is pretty much hardcore gamers.

Piracy has a large part, but not the reason. The xbox 360 is just as pirated as the PC and you don't see anyone mention that.

sorry for the off topic of the thread just had to put my tow cents in.
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