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Old 07-30-2010, 01:36 AM
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I've also started reading the Horus Heresy, the composition and themes of the first two books are quite incredible for science fiction fantasy: Humanity has ascended to a new level of order and rationality, one wholly insistent on the dogma of 'rational secularism', it works in principle but the universe and it's parallels are too complex (Chaotic, you might say) for such human order.

after which, well written as the other six or so books are -- having lost count of which book I am now up to -- they really do torment the reader by diverging to the sides of the main story so as to fill in the background of the various Space Marine chapters, their Primarchs and the sentient influences of the Warp.

Also started reading the Eddas, which I have been meaning to for the longest time, still on the Voluspa (sp sp) but it is a great insight into Nordic myths and of the culture and history they relfect.
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