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Doldrirr’s thoughts were getting crazy. The confusion, the hunger, the thirst. He needed out of the cell, fast. The door was too hard to break, and was locked. The walls were all stone and there were no windows. He was stuck in there, and there was nothing he could do about it. Once again, he heard footsteps, and the little hole in the door opened, drink and food coming through. He once again ate the food, which was the same as last time. He drank the water quickly as well, and noticed it seemed very dirty.

As soon as Doldrirr finished his water, he quickly set about searching the room for any other exits. He slid his hand across the wall, rough slabs of stone jutting out, though none of it could be moved. The only exit was through the door. Knowing he couldn’t break through the door, he decided to formulate a plan on how to get himself out of the cell, while his captor would be put into the cell. Thoughts ran wild in his mind, and he came upon a great plan. He began planning it out right away.

Carlos and Skald woke up. The day before had been hectic, and they were still feeling the pains of the fight with the orcs. They would rather stay and rest, but they had to get going, “Just keep heading south, I presume?” Skald asked Carlos.

“Yes. If we see any suspicious buildings or people, we question or attack. Got it?” Carlos replied, emphasizing on the ‘attack’.

“Alright, but let’s try to get it right this time!” Skald said, knowing that they had no sure way of finding the right place. He was more so giving himself false hope than trying to tell Carlos something. Carlos noticed this, noticing that Skald seemed very scared that Doldrirr might be injured even worse than before, or possibly even dead. Carlos shared the same fear, but hid it. The two continued heading south, prepared and willing to do anything it took to save their friend.

The travel was long, but they saw two dwarves pass by them, “Get behind the bushes, follow cautiously,” Carlos instructed Skald. They followed the two unknown dwarves down the path for an hour or so, until they went through some dense shrubs at the side of the road. Carlos and Skald followed slowly, hands on their weapons as they went through the thick plants. On the other side, there was a building. It was more of a shack, really. Small and out of the way. Skald and Carlos stayed close to the bushes, trying to stay hidden. They saw the two unknown dwarves put something through the door of the building, and began to walk away, laughing. Skald jumped out of hiding.

“What’s in there, boys?” Skald began, “Hiding something?” The anger was obvious in his voice.

“Uh, no. Who’s asking?” One of the unknown dwarves said. Carlos could hear something coming from the building, sounds being blocked by something. He drew his weapon and ran at the two unknown dwarves. Skald soon followed. The other two dwarves were armed. One had a crossbow and a small war axe. The other dwarf had a large great axe. Like usual, Carlos and Skald both had two small war axes each. The dwarf with the crossbow raised his weapon and fired at Carlos, catching him in the left thigh. Carlos continued to charge, the adrenaline making him shrug off the pain. The dwarf readied another bolt, and fired it once again at Carlos’ left thigh. Again, Carlos felt nothing and continued to charge.

They met not too far from the building. The two unknown dwarves drew their melee weapons as Skald and Carlos charged. Carlos went forward at the dwarf with the great axe with his two axes. The other dwarf easily parried the attack, and Carlos staggered back. Skald and the single war axe dwarf were fighting it out. They continued to block and doge each others’ attacks, the unknown dwarf proving more skilled with the single axe than Skald was with the two. The dwarf with the great axe began his attack on Carlos, as he raised his great axe. He swung it down on Carlos, who just barely moved out of the way of it.

The great axe was swung once again at Carlos, hitting him in his left leg and sweeping him off of his feet. At this point, Carlos was bleeding a great deal from the two bolts, and now the axe hit. All of this was on his left leg, though he still felt nothing. His mind was set in motion on saving Doldrirr. He swung his axes at the great axe dwarf, who sidestepped him. The dwarf took another swing at Carlos, hitting his right arm. Carlos was starting to feel the great pain, and he was losing energy. Carlos, noticing his enemy was repositioning from the last attack, lunged at the dwarf. He sunk his axes into the dwarf’s skull. Blood poured out everywhere, and Carlos was drained of his energy. He fell to the ground.

Noticing that Carlos had fallen, Skald’s anger grew. His attacks became faster and more furious. He attacked with his left-hand axe, scoring a hit on the wrist of the other dwarf. The dwarf’s hand fell to the ground as he screamed, weapon in that hand. Skald’s other axe came around and hit the dwarf clean in the throat. The blood of the dwarf shot over the ground and onto Skald. This battle was over, and he ran over to the building. Skald opened the door, and Doldrirr slowly walked out. Skald had nothing to say, and so he ran over to Carlos.

Carlos was on the ground in a pool of blood, barely breathing. Doldrirr and Skald ran over and kneeled down next to him. Carlos knew he was dying and knew he shouldn’t have been so stupid as to let his anger get his focus off of battle. With that in his head, he spoke, “Men, it wasn’t easy, and I’m sorry. You have a new life; can do what you want, now. Start a family, whatever,” he was breathing heavily every few words, running out of breath.

“I owe you my life. I can’t do any of that, now. I’m going to find whoever these peoples’ leader is and kill him personally,” Doldrirr spoke, his anger towards the other two dwarves having shown in his voice.

“You won’t be alone, Doldrirr,” Skald spoke, “We do this together.”

“Well, it seems that I’m done, here. Now, my boys, go kick some ass for me,” Skald said with his last breath. His eyes rolled back into his head, and he was dead.


Hope you all enjoyed it, I will continue it in the future, not for the contest. Really enjoying this.

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