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Doldrirr woke up on a freezing cold stone floor. He was in a lot of pain and could barely move. His wounds had stopped bleeding, but he could not see a thing. The room was completely dark. He slowly lifted himself and stood up. He had no energy, was starving, dehydrated, and utterly confused. He walked forward until he felt a wall, which then led to a door. The door was locked and he did not have the strength to break it. The blood was moving from his head, and he was beginning to feel lightheaded, so he sat down.

He sat in there for hours, just thinking. Doldrirr thought about his family, his friends, and what he would’ve been able to do if he weren’t stuck in there. He thought about why he would be in there, why he was stabbed, and how to get out, most of all. He hadn’t eaten or drank in quite some time, and had no energy left. He felt like he would die, confined in this small space.

Even more time passed, when Doldrirr heard footsteps. A small part of the door opened, light filled the room. Food and water came through the small hole near the bottom of the door. Doldrirr quickly began shouting, but there was never any reply. He was still stuck in there. He quickly devoured the small amount of food, and drank the water. The room was dark once again, and he was alone. It seemed as though he was some sort of prisoner, and this was his cell. He could do nothing but wait and hope something would happen in his favor.

Carlos Olrac and Skald Hammarfists met by the town gates, having eaten and preparing for the journey ahead of them. They were together on this, just the two of them. They were unsure of what they would do or where they would go, but they would not give up. Curious, Carlos asked one of the guards a question, “Have two dwarves passed by these gates today?”

“Yes, just last night, I’m pretty sure. They were heading south of here,” The guard replied. Carlos went and told Skald this, and they soon followed the pathway from the city, going south. There were cart tracks in the dirt, and they did not look that old.

“Shall we follow them?” Skald asked Carlos.

“It’s our best bet at finding Doldrirr, let’s do it,” Carlos replied, picking his pace up a bit. They walked for what seemed like hours, until the cart tracks turned off into a side-path. They stuck close to the foliage as they walked along the path. After a few minutes, the path opened up and they saw a building in front of them. It looked to be made of rough stone. Outside of the building was a cart, along with a few weapons. The dwarves made their way towards the door, and each put their back to the wall of the building next to the door. Skald tried opening it, but it was locked.

Unsure of what they would face inside, both dwarves hit the wooden door with their axes. It shattered, and they rushed in, “Grukk!” The two dwarves heard. There were orcs here, “Gellem(enemy) seg okka(is here)! Harragen(charge)!” The two dwarves saw two rather large orcs. Skald threw one of his axes at the larger of the two, and both dwarves charged. Carlos hit the back of the smaller orc’s knee with his axe, and the orc fell to the ground. Skald took his axe to the fallen orc’s neck, nearly decapitating him. The larger orc had a club, and swung it at Carlos. It hit, sending Carlos flying back a few feet. Skald charged and hit the orc in the arm, disarming him. Bloodied, Carlos got up and ran at the back of the orc. He sunk his axe into the back of the orc, who then fell to the ground in pain, though not dead. Skald put his axe into the skull of the orc, killing him.

“Brindassa(Who is there? Identify yourself!)! I smell gellemakk(orc blood)!” they heard another orc shout. He sounded enraged. The dwarves stood frozen as they saw an even larger orc in heavy armor come around the corner. He had a great axe, and looked like he was out to kill. Both dwarves charged at him, their smaller axes in-hand. The orc swung at Carlos and missed, his axe smashing into the stone floor. Rocks flew everywhere. Skald got behind the orc and hit the back of the orc’s right leg. Blood shot out everywhere, but the orc kept on fighting. The orc kicked Skald away from his leg, sending him into a wall. Carlos went for the front of the orc’s right leg, hoping to disable it. He got the orc directly on the knee, and the leg was severed. Even more blood shot out, and the orc fell.

The dwarves search the whole of the building, and found nobody. All that was found were a few weapons and some gold. Carlos and Skald left the building, rather disappointed. They were both hurt, though not too badly. They went back to the main road, searching for anything else to follow, but found nothing. Instead, they just followed the road south, seeing where it would take them. They passed by many merchants and caravans, though none were dwarves. They passed by groups of mercenaries, though none were dwarves.

They were nearly ready to give up. They had no idea where their friend could be, and no idea how to find out where he would be. They set up camp in the forest, just off of the side of the road, making sure that the foliage concealed them. They stayed for the night, though could hardly get any sleep once again. The noises of the forest kept them awake, as well as the thoughts in their head, not knowing what to do.

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