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The dwarves entered the rather small corridor at the front of the building. It wasn’t very well lit, the only light coming through the small window slit on the door. They passed into the first room, which was empty other than some books and furniture. The dwarves did not talk at all, remaining as silent as possible (Though, they are dwarves. They are rather clumsy.). Leaving the room, they decided to check upstairs. Doldrirr went first, followed by Carlos and then came Skald. There were many doors in this hallway, all of which were closed but one. Carlos pointed at the room and the other two nodded. Hands on their weapons, they ran into the room.

The room was completely empty, nobody and nothing in it. The dwarves took their hands off of their weapons, breathing a sigh of relief. They went back into the hallway, unsure of which room to check next. Doldrirr opened one of the doors, the room completely empty as well, “I doubt we’re going to find anything here, let’s just leave,” Doldrirr said rather loudly.

“We can’t leave, this is our job, and we must complete it,” Carlos answered with a rather harsh tone.

“Can we at least wait downstairs, in case anyone enters without us knowing?” Doldrirr replied.

Carlos gave in, “If you really want to, go alone. We won’t be there to guard your back,” With that said, Doldrirr went back to the main floor. With very little light, he decided to stay in one place. He stayed in the room closest to the main door, so that he was out of sight of anyone who came in and he could easily sneak up on and attack them.

Carlos and Skald had finished searching all of the rooms on the upper level. Nobody was found, each of the rooms was completely empty. They went down to check on Doldrirr and see if anything had happened, and something had. They saw Doldrirr face-down on the floor, blood trickling from his back. He had a stab wound in his back, but was not dead. “We have to get him out of here, quickly! Grab his legs,” Carlos shouted as he grabbed Doldrirr’s arms. They hurried out of the building and to the local healer.

“Multiple stab wounds in the back, I’m surprised he’s still alive, to be honest,” the healer was telling them, “I’ll do my best, though I can’t promise that will be enough.”

“Thank you. We hope our friend will have a quick recovery, knowing his fate is in your hands,” Skald replied to the healer. Carlos and Skald left the building and back to the market. Now they had nothing, literally. No money, no information for their job, a dying friend.

“We might as well go tell the captain that we won’t be able to finish the job,” Carlos said as the two walked along a small pathway of dirt leading from the market. They reached the guards’ barracks, and Skald knocked. Once again, the captain answered.

“Any luck with it? Find anything useful?” He said rather quickly, not noticing the grim faces which the dwarves were making.

“Doldrirr was stabbed and is currently being looked after by the local healer. We were searching a building and he decided to watch the main floor for anyone. We went down after we checked the upper floor, and he was on the ground covered in blood,” Skald explained.

“Interesting. Did you hear any of this happening?” the captain asked. The dwarves replied that they did not. “I’ll send some soldiers to that building and investigate. You’re free to go, I’ll find you if we have anything to tell you.” The dwarves left the barracks, unsure of what to do next. They agreed that they should try getting some sleep, as it was getting late.

The night passed, neither of them getting much sleep. The events of the day haunted them, and they were unsure of what to do about it all. Many thoughts crossed their minds, but none of them seemed right. The dwarves could search for the enemies, but wouldn’t be able to fight them if they had superior numbers. The dwarves could wait to be attacked, but again wouldn’t be able to fight the enemies off. Nothing they could do would work very well in this situation at all.

The two dwarves went to check on Doldrirr. Upon arrival at the healer’s building, Doldrirr was not there. “Healer! Where is our friend?” Skald shouted across the room as soon as he saw the healer who had been taking care of their friend.

“You two came in here last night and took him with you, saying you didn’t need my help anymore,” the healer answered, “Though you did look a little different, not sure why.”

“Imposters, eh? Knowing that people who look like us are running around doesn’t help this situation at all.” Skald replied. He knew that this could, and would get even worse. The dwarves both knew there was no way out of this other than getting their friend back, which was now their primary goal. Gold, weapons, armor, and fame didn’t matter at all, now. They just wanted to see their friend safe, and there was only one way to do that.

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