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Old 07-02-2010, 07:19 AM
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i'm sorry , but i didn't mean "i personaly" thought that about those games , was just showing you what most of the forum posts on were about . and yes :
-TERA : i'm hoping for the best with this game and i am planning on getting it as soon as it comes out and also have applied for the next FGT . And yes the combat is not Unique ( Vindictus and Blade & Soul are coming out around the same time ) but i don t think they ll stand a chance against tera mainly because Nexon has already confirmed that vindictus will have an item shop , as for Blade & soul , well NCsoft has a bit of a reputation and i m not just talking about grind , i m talking about Customer support and account security .
-TSW : a new fantasy , horror like MMO would be nice for the market so i wish them good luck with that .
-MO : i can only wish them the best , you can see that they're trying , being "indy" isn t an excuse for having a game full of bugs but it should let the players who do get/play it understand that things will generally take more time to be fixed

Again sorry but when i mentioned those games i didn t give my personal PoV about them . Cause i didn't want you to think that MO was the only game that was being flamed / trashed / "predicted to fail" .
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