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Old 07-01-2010, 01:48 PM
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I'll disagree with you on some points. En Masse who has the rights to Tera also has "FREE DEVELOPMENTAL CONTROL" over their westernization portion. At it's current stage popular reviews indicate the US and Asian versions are almost different games. So I give them props, Not to mention grinding mobs with a God of war like combat system would be hell of a lot more entertaining than the typical tab-targeting system regardless. I think Aion did flop but due to Tera's different combat mechanics they'll have a chance.

TSW.. it is funcom but the premise is pretty solid and has yet to be done successfully so I hope they succeed for the sake of their bank account.

MO though if you play it or not, it has issues that need to be fixed before it can maintain or even increase it's player base. I personally like games where you level skills as opposed to levels and wish it and darkfall the best.

DoF's shaping up well and the team is very dedicated to it's community and offering the best experience possible. New ideas are being presented almost daily so I expect players to really enjoy what we offer in the final product.
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