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Old 07-01-2010, 11:19 AM
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Well MO launched now , and the players seem to be adapting , i m not personaly playing it , i was in the beta though and yes it was in alpha state during OB . But they kept trying to fix the bugs and the memory leaks and the CPU usage going skyhigh , and they did , By Rebuilding Block A with a new engine and basically well ......... the game was being built on a broken Base .
But i mentioned MO as an example cause it Wasn t even released , yet the MMORPG forum users somehow were seeing the future and calling it indie-crap before it was even released .
Other games ? TERA : Typical korean grindy crap - Ryzom : ****ty sandbox cause you can't jump - TSW : Dude why do you even support funcom anymore -AoC : it had a fail launch omg why do you go back - WoW : lololol so many kids play it , it s so easy it s crap ....... And alot more things but for now this is just off the top of my head , that s the basic commenter stereotype .
i Love DoF as a game and as an idea , and was just hoping it will have a great first step in what regards good publicity , and so far it has since most sites that mention it tag it with something like " the wait for a true persistent MMORTS might be soon over "
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