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Originally Posted by sneaky_squirrel View Post
I thought mortal online ahd a bad reputation due to them releasing the game way too early (I heard it has the condition of an alpha).

And yeah is the hate mmo site, that why I like it. Instead of just fan boys and advertisements it is a bunch of people flaming and other which actually discuss the mmog mechanics and how it should really be worked.

I am one of those who critiques the way mmorpgs are made these days.
Well the problem with critiquing things you don't have an understanding over is the way you look to people who do. There are some intelligent people who offer substantial explanations behind their views on and people still troll them. Where as you may disagree with this or that in said MMO, You would be one of the millions who argued for a change and then quit the MMO if the change came or not because they simply didn't like the game to begin with.

At the same time there are no MMO's who made changes requested by the player base (Molded to the lower tier of players) that maintained a strong player-base (Except for WoW?). The rule if anything that the last five years of MMO's have taught us is, no other game will be wow, some people are never be happy regardless, and continue to build the project from it's foundation, do not detour it into "wants".

Games are to be unique and thats where the niche' comes in because some people like WoW and some like EQ... If EQ said WoW has more players and then them and everyone else duplicated WoW... they would all fail. Do your own thing, follow your original goals and maintain the players interested in the unique experience you offer. Thats my motto on it.

In the end if you want to be a video game reviewer go for it but if you say I dislike this or that, that's an opinion even if shared by a majority of those who experienced it. Many disliked STO due to game mechanics but it still maintains players who enjoy it for whatever it offers them and that's what it's about.

Edit 2:
MO... lol I have owned a copy for about a year now and I can't even launch the game without a memory leak crash. lol... MO....
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