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Old 06-27-2010, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by TheHoboGod View Post
I was thinking of a military concept that requires more in-depth thinking then just "k spam click archer button until run out of resources". How about to create a military unit, you require population. "what do you mean population?" you ask with puppy dog eyes. Well I'll tell you.

Population is an idea i have. Population is the ammount of people in your fortress. Population is gained from nomads entering your fortress (you can actually see them walk in instead of them magically teleporting in). Nomads can have caravans of people (so more people then usual), a cart of supplies (gives you supplies), and they can also be diseased (see my other thread on hunger & disease). Nomads will settle down in a place in your fortress. As soon as they walk in through your gate, they add to your pop. count. They will stay there until your fortress popularity is low enough to the point that they don't want to stay and will leave (you actually see them leave instead of them just simply poofing away). "but what is popularity?"

Popularity is another idea. Popularity determines whether you gain or lose a random ammount of people every 30 min. The lower (higher) ammount of popularity you have, the more people will leave (come to your fort). Popularity is affected by things such as hunger, disease, military prescence, and housing. Military prescence is a one-way affector, as i call it. Having no military will have no effect on your popularity, while a huge prescence will increase the popularity. Housing is also a one-way affector. If there is not enough houses to support the population, popularity is affected negatively (people stop coming when there is no more houses to support people. If you delete a house when your pop. is at its highest, the people will stay, causing this factor). People are happy when there is a large ammount of food, and sad when the inverse happens, so hunger can go both ways. Disease also can.

My second suggestion tonight and on this forum! Thoughts?
The popularity thing reminds me of black and white 2(if you kno what game tht is) and the nomads thing is already kind of in the game because sometimes people come to your fortress as non-hostiles and some being hostiles instead of being healthy or diseased
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