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Originally Posted by crex719 View Post
Hi everybody....been awhile....just a few things in my mind

1) If a bunch of enemies infiltrate your town/city/fortress/etc., can your villagers at least put up a little fight? 100 villagers vs 5 orcs seems reasonable.

2) Can we repair walls ourselves or do they heal overtime?

3) Not really a defense question but lets say there are players A,B,C, and D.
Player A and B work together first to eliminate C and D. Can they exchange resources?

4) Any chance of pouring boiling oil on enemy troops as they run around inside my city?
I'll let Ryan Answer 2-4.

The workers can indeed fight, but they are indeed weaker vs anything, from past experiences in testing, I've seen 3 workers easily kill 1 goblin, and probably 2 for each goblin archer, then again all of these units are weak in fighting.

I would say one Elf Blademaster could probably take on 50-100 (up to 200? keep em coming stupid untrained workers!) workers at once fairly well, then most likely, die in a very heroic honorable death… Surrounded by farmers with pitchforks.
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