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Originally Posted by wills370 View Post
Wow looks like some really nice combos. Looks like the elves will need to be very careful when to implement there formations. The calvery is also great, especially if you put on the charging formation. Although one question is do the calvery get tied up like in TTW where they randomly stop charging and stand there while there mates carry on charging past them? And how much damage does it do with the defence agasint calvery infantry formation, agiasnt a buffed charge? As if it dosent really make a diffrence then it will make things abit unblanced i fear? (although i could be wrong).
It could always be unbalanced due to how many various combinations meet on the combat field. You would need to also review the threads discussing the units and see that Unit A is strong against Unit B but weak against Unit C. So throw* that into conjunction with Unit C uses 80% damage stance on Unit A and you have a wipe out but if B tried it on A he might still lose. Theres so many possibilities, I presume it comes down to how the player builds his army in comparison to his opponent.
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