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Old 10-27-2007, 03:19 PM
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The problem with those methods is that they don't differentiate between player skill. If I'm constantly fighting the best players in the game, I may have a win/loss ratio of 30%. That's not a great %, but frankly if I can pull off a win 30% of the time against the very best, I must be pretty good. Conversely, if I'm constantly fighting newbies and have a win/loss ratio of 90%, that means practically nothing. Of course I can beat newbies, but that's meaningless. I'll probably get creamed by anyone who is half decent.

Win/loss ratios and total wins and losses are worthless measures, because by playing the "right" opponents you can abuse the system for a high score that you don't deserve. Conversely, playing "legitimately" and tackling the toughest opponents available often hurts your score more than it helps. This is the wrong way to go about it.

I think the WC3 ladder was managing things right. You have to base the ladder position of each player not just on how much they win, but who they win against. Winning a single match over the top player on the ladder would be worth thousands of times the score of what a match against the worst player would yield.

Using in-game scoring methods is no good. There are always strategies that can be used to inflate your score artificially, even if your performance left much to be desired. In WC3, using necromancers to summon a horde of skeletons was a massive score boon, even though that could end up being counter-productive if the enemy had destroyers or some other strong anti-magic tool.