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What I would like to see is a better way of scoring online stats. One possibily would be it doesn't matter your actual score of wins or games played, but ratio between wins to losses, however the obvious flaw is someone who wins on their first go is ranked higher, who say has 70 wins to 5 losses.
What I would like is based on points. In a game it counts upon things like units built, units lost, units destroyed and their ratios; buildings built, lost and razed and their respective ratios; and finally things like research and resources spent. Then it would be worked out into points, which would then be benchmarked into levels.
This is the system of ratios in bfme2:
Tactical Skill: units built/units lost
Strategic Skill: (units destroyed + buildings destroyed)/money spent
Of course the errors in the first is that it is not about skill, but conservation of troops, and if the units have high health or not. The errors in the second is that of finding the best possible and cheapest way to win, though skill only be in repetition for having what I call a "Ground-Hog" strategy, my own personal.
There is a wealth of old topics with useful and unique information - your question may already have been answered!

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