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Old 10-27-2007, 02:51 PM
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its okay though, ill only be playing with my friends. We like to build massive armies and eco and usually have a peace treaty until one of us decides we want to dominate the world and then Invade. To get a fun amazing feeling of an insane war as if it was a real war.. Like Troy,trojans defended their castle while the greeks attacked with many numbers, or just pick a place to do a huge battle and then the loser has to retreat to defend the castle. The meaning of battle in my book is, a small fight on the castle walls,the gates,in the field,forest and the meaning of WAR is the whole game/map. If i defeat his armies and castle and hes dead, then ive won the war, not the battle because the battle was won out in the fields and then a new battle was at his castle and thus ive won the War. I hope this made sense, if it didn't oh well lol but im definitly gettin the game